Craft Beer
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Craft Beer & Craft Distilleries


With over 100 breweries and brewpubs, San Diego County prides itself as the “Craft Beer Capital of America.” The City of San Diego has one of the densest concentrations of craft breweries in the country – outside of Portland, OR.  The economic impact of craft beer on the regional economy is as surprising as it is significant. From 2010 to 2014 the County’s breweries’ direct economic impact to the region doubled from $300 million to $600 million.  During the same period, the number of jobs generated or sustained by the industry grew from 2,800 jobs to 6,203 jobs.


We are well positioned, both geographically and professionally, to advise breweries as they grow from garages to regional production facilities.  We can advise on regulatory matters, raising debt and equity capital, real estate leasing, negotiating distribution contracts, planning liquidity events, and planning and implementing M&A transactions, as well as general corporate matters. Bill Reavey, the head of our craft beer practice, helps organize continuing education programs for brewers through his participation in SoCal BoB, LLC (